Jason Doan

This website is currently undergoing a redesign, but you can see many of my recent works from the social media links at the bottom of the page.


Jason is currently a resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, and spent much of his youth living in various places across the southeast. Always creative, the pressures of life pushed him to suppress the more artistic elements of his nature. He pursued a technical degree and began a successful career in the field. Years passed with sketches and attempts to inject artistry into the life he was living without fully admitting his desire to do so. This was the path until things changed while remodeling a room in his home with his wife. 

Standing in a fresh room that was undecorated, he and his wife agreed that a large expanse of wall would really need a large work to pull things together. His artistic journey was reignited with a leap of faith from his wife after he commented that he knew what needed to go in the spot, he just needed a large canvas and some paint. That very next day she collected a very large canvas and all that was necessary to make it possible to act on that statement. That evening his first painting was completed and the outlet he'd denied for so long was brought back to life. Thanks in no small part to his thoughtful wife who must have sensed it needed to happen. 

Jason's work adheres to no particular technique. He prefers to let each work guide him to the tools and paint they require. Even so, they do have a style that shows through each of them. Jason has just recently decided to begin releasing original artwork to the public, and as such the website will be updated soon as to to when and where they will be available.